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Enderby Is. Numbers & Info.

The Enderby Island Rabbit is a Rare Breed and was only known to New Zealand until March 2003,
10 of these rabbits had a new home in Texas.
In June 2005, another 24 Enderbys went to Texas.

Sadly since 2010, the kits born to the foundation stock didn't produce quick enough for their numbers to continue their survival in the USA.

There is only a handful of enthusiast doing their best to preserve them, and recreate an interest in a rabbit breed which has a history that dates back to 1865.

Slate/Champagne in NZ

Licorice Babies

The numbers of these colours are around 130. Litters are now appearing because spring has come.

There was a small number of the slate/champagne colour in the USA, around 15 at the most. Creme carriers and one creme buck was sent over, but only the carriers survived.

Creme Colour in NZ


Jack, Buck & Jill
The white hairs mixed into the orange coat gives the Enderby Is. a lovely soft shade of apricot.

As of  September 2009 - 17 Cremes in NZ

13  in the South Island (7 bucks & 6 does)

6  in the North Island (2 Does & 1 Buck)  ( 3 bucks from a different rabbitry).


Temperament of an Enderby

The Enderby Is. Rabbit appears timid until they can trust you. The rabbits born from the island stock since 1992, haven’t had enough time to distance them selves from their feral background.

We have found there are some madder than others.  On occasions a box and a brick are taken into a cage when the doe is raising kits. At some point you need to look at the kits just to make sure there is nothing dead in the nest. A box put over the doe with the brick on top to weigh it down, will protect you and also reduce any stress levels in the doe.

The more handling you give them and exposure to your life style, you will find that their behavior becomes more like your domestic rabbit.

The bucks and does are very protective of the area around where they live.
You will find they like to fight with any other breed of rabbit that happens to pass by their cage. Even the 4 week old babies join in with their mum and want to fight with any unwanted visitors.