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Exporting Enderby Island Rabbits

If you are interested in exporting the EIR from Natures Pace.

Please make sure you have checked what the protocol is for importing into your country from New Zealand.

Anything can leave New Zealand, but you may have strick requirement to follow, if importing.

Who You Will Be Dealing With

You will be dealing with the Pet Company who will arrange the airline and inspection of stock leaving New Zealand. You will have to provide the correct paperwork for them to show the rabbits are safe to send. They will not be sent in extreme heat or cold weather.

This is a sample of the first cages that went to USA

Cages and Prices

The Pet Company will build the cages to an acceptable standard for travel. There will be space in each cage for around 3 rabbits to sit, lie down and stretch. Only shredded paper is used for bedding. Only enough food for the trip, water is given by the airport crew at each stop.

Cage prices are given out by the Pet Company. 

Does In Kit Before Traveling

I can supply you with a group of rabbits to breed with, but I can't send pregnant does prior to the shipment. That is too hard for me to do. I haven't yet worked out how to make an EIR breed like a rabbit. I will place pairs together a few days before the trip so they settle down before traveling.

Shipment may be direct from Christchurh, otherwaise it will be an extra cost to travel from Christchurch to Auckland to where you live.

USA Shipment

The Pet Company can only arrange travel from NZ to LA Airport if the shipment is to USA. The rest of the flight is up to you to arrange and meet the rabbits at LA. Then it will be domestic charges for traveling from then onwards to your local airport.

2nd Shipment to USA